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Production and Film Crew Accommodations

Location scouts from around the world have put the Townhouse high on their list. When photographers and videographers need a Miami Beach location with fresh and inviting interiors, exteriors, and proximity to the beach, the Townhouse provides a collection of superb backdrops.

Dazzling natural light, distinctive architectural details and a professional staff make the Townhouse the ideal Miami Beach film location. Our staff  helps take care of call times, booking, and delivering racks and hangers, coordinating passenger van and production vehicle schedules, and making sure everyone on the production team is well looked after.  Townhouse also offers clothing racks, steamers, clamp lights and Director’s Chairs for hair and makeup.

VIP rooms at Townhouse are available. Guest rooms are easily arranged for merchandise room requirements.  Hair and makeup rooms are blocked to take advantage of optimum lighting. 

Production teams staying at the Townhouse enjoy complimentary continental breakfast.

Clamp lights are available for quick fixes.  Breakfast and coffee is complimentary.

The Townhouse in Miami Beach… the perfect location for a perfect shoot, featured in the world’s leading fashion publications and used by the world’s leading brands.

For more information, inquiries and rates contact Alexandra Brand, Area Sales Manager / Entertainment Production at Alexandra.brand@sbe.com or 305 455 2201.